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Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to all orders received in writing, by telephone, fax or online through the website or by e-mail are placed, and the resulting business relationship between the customer and Belarto Slovakia, the official licensing partner of UNICEF.sk (hereafter: UNICEF license partner), 100% subsidiary of Belarto International b.v., and all other functionalities of this online platform. Provisions that do not correspond with here are only valid as UNICEF or the franchise partner of UNICEF this explicitly and in writing (e-mail also applies if written permission) accepts. The customer is liable to UNICEF and the franchise partner of UNICEF for any damages arising due to improper use of the shop (there should for example, but not exclusively, also the unlawful entry of third party data in). By means of the written or signed e-mail or confirm the order, the customer declares all data truthfully and agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Ordering and concluding the agreement

The way in which the cards in the shop and are shown in the catalog shall not constitute a legally binding offer. It only free information. The reception of the

order is confirmed by UNICEF license partner by e-mail. This email, however, does no acceptance of the offer on the part of the UNICEF license partner. The acceptance of the order by the UNICEF license partner is done by delivery of the order to the organization / person who placed the order. Customers have the option to check an order with imprint again and if necessary adapt before they place the order final. UNICEF licensed partner stores the e-mail messages confirming the order (s) will be sent on; the customer can these e-mail messages if desired request. If the customer orders via the website automatically creates a user account in which the client with secure access can immediately see his orders. No further data is stored on the agreement. The minimum order quantity is 25 cards.

Right of withdrawal

The statutory withdrawal period is 7 working days. UNICEF greeting cards with personalized invalidate the right of withdrawal.

Shipping and delivery

Orders can be delivered only in Slovakia. If you want to send your order to an address abroad, you can check the overview of countries that can be found on www.unicefcards.eu

The delivery time varies depending on the shipping method chosen and whether you opt for personalized cards:

• The delivery time for non-personalized cards is normally max. 10 workdays.

• For personalized cards is the delivery time approximately 15 business days after approval of the proof. Unfortunately, the delivery time may exceptionally be longer. The maximum legal deadline is 30 days.


The cost of envelopes and packaging are included in the quoted prices. For shipping and administration one-off charges per order apply. These costs are shown excluding VAT in the ordering process in the list.

Term of payment and payment

Customers have to buy into the possibility of invoice or pay in the shop online by credit card, online banking or bank transfer. For online payment the customer when placing the order must pay the full cost without deduction. In order to bill the invoice within 14 days without deduction to be met. The payment is too late, then from the moment when the first reminder is sent default interest will be charged. When paying please indicate the account number and customer number.


The delivered order until receipt of payment in full ownership of UNICEF SK Geneva and UNICEF license partner.

Consent to receive information from UNICEF

By specifying a number, respectively. email address, you consent that we may approach you by email or phone and information about UNICEF and other opportunities to support UNICEF may provide.

Data protection

By using the website and the website (www.unicefcards.sk), by creating a user account (registration) and by giving orders to the customer accepts the data protection regulations.


UNICEF license partner respects the copyrights of all parties. Further reproduction, use (eg. As E-Card) or adaptation of motifs in any way whatsoever without the consent of the copyright owner (UNICEF PFP Geneva, Belarto license Partner UNICEF) are not allowed. This is true in particular also for the use of the images, and motifs that are on the Internet.

Jurisdiction and choice of law and language of the contract

The language of the contract is in English. Dutch law applies to the contractual relationship and all the associated rights. For customers, the Amsterdam Court is considered competent.

Severability Clause

If certain provisions of these terms and conditions prove to be ineffective or unenforceable, or after conclusion of the contract be ineffective or unenforceable, this does not affect the fulfillment of the contract as a whole. The ineffective or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by the effective and enforceable regulation, which is closest to the economic objective is nearby, which the Contracting Parties with the ineffective sheet resp. not enforceable provision have envisioned. The foregoing provisions are in accordance with valid in case the general terms and conditions prove to be incomplete.

And so simple you can order:

We prefer online orders via www.unicefcards.sk.

By phone: +420 222 191 054 - By e-mail: info@unicefcards.sk.

Place an order:

• Choose from All cards the card to your liking.

• Minimum order quantity: 50 pcs / design.

• Select the text, font and color www.unicefcards.skor write your own text / wishes and voice it with our customer service.

• Your own text, logo, signature, etc. can be mailed directly to the following address: info@unicefcards.sk

• You will receive by email a proof for approval. Within 4-6 days after you approve the proof you will receive the cards.

• The costs for the personalization of the cards is not in the price of the cards included and the prices are exclusive of VAT.

• You will receive the invoice for the total cost of your UNICEF cards directly in your order.